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Rodney Brown
Hello All,
 Our holiday season is
ending and I love the fact that we can come together and make
this country greater than ever ! I'm thankful being able to devote all my time to doing
the music I love in our beautiful city, a big shout out to all my friends and former
co-workers at Quinlan & Fabish Music the place for all things music, and also to my new
musical brethren in Portland, Me who have really made me feel at home.  I'm also
blessed to be around the passionate musical wisdom of some of the most talented
people in the world performing in clubs and venues all over the greater Chicagoland
Please look for me at Mac's on Slade in Palatine for great food, drink, & entertainment
once a month, B.L.U.E.S. on Halsted every Wed for the jam, Nick's Beer Garden, Buddy
Guy's, in Woodstock at DC Cobbs
, and in St Charles at The House Pub with Jimmy Nick
various venues in the city and suburbs, also my new CD has been released on CD
Baby. The link to preview or purchase is on my home page.
Thanks and much love to the many wonderful musicians like Anthony Space,       
Roosevelt Purifoy, Brady Williams, Darryl Wright, Kenny Hampton, Jimmy Nick, Vic
Baker Sr, Pooky Styx, Carlos Showers, Brent Kimbrough, DeJaun Austin, Eddie Shaw,
Harry Hmura, Max V, Robin Worthley, Jeff Davison, Bob Rasero, just to mention a few.
I'll be performing with Hotrod, Jimmy Nick & Don't Tell Mama,  Roosevelt Purifoy & the
Mad Hatters,  The Deitra Farr Blues Band, Ronnie Hicks and Masheen Co as well as other
local artist. Just check my calendar for dates and locations.
I'd like to thank all my supporters, without you I'd never have had the opportunity to
follow my dream. First there's my ultimate taskmaster and fan, Mama, who will always
be in my heart and instilled a love of music at an early age. And the friends and loved
ones who've always encouraged my art, like Gail, Bill, Lil Debbie, Mike & Lauri, Donna,
Ivy, Joanne & Big Jim, Lloyd & Odessa. Also much love to Tracy "TJ" Johnson, the very
talented photographer who somehow can make me look good, and the club owners and
promoters who gave me a chance like Dave Freeman who first booked me at one of
Chicago's foremost jazz venues, & Rob Hecko who has always let express my blues "my
way",and Mac from Mac's on Slade who brought "Hotrod" out to Palatine, just to name a
few. Thanks to all of you.
Feel free to call or e-mail me for any info on booking or appearances.
Hope to see your faces in any of many places.
Peace & Hairgrease,
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